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Classic Commercial: Remington Rand & Stopette (21 Feb 1954)

Published 1954

A Classic Commercial for Remington Rand shavers, and Stopette. Aired 21 Feb 1954.

Run time 01:22
Audio/Visual Sound, Black and White


Reviewer: Seto-Kaiba_Is_Stupid - - June 13, 2009
Subject: Tooting My Own Horn
I really shouldn't be reviewing my own items, but hey, so many other people do it on this website, that I should be allowed too.

In this short piece of footage, we start with a commercial for Remington Rand shavers, noting it's trade-in allowence, apparently twice as much as competing brands. Following this is a reminder to tune in next week for the program, and to check local listings for time and date. This itself is followed by a commercial for Stopette, which despite being a deodorant, had a few years earlier been involved in a minor controversy about the political views of one of the programs panalists (who was sadly fired by a reluctant Mark Goodson, who personally didn't want to fire him but was forced by corporate pressure). This commercial promotes a free-give away offer Stopette had at the time.

These two commercials are an interesting item of 1950's advertising. Amazingly, I found them on a budget DVD of a public domain TV program (which of course I have uploaded in it's entirety).
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